Thursday, June 28, 2007

38 Weeks...

Well, we made it this far. I am now 3 centimeters dilated and thinning. My doctor says I am "ripe and ready". He even offered an induction date of as early as tomorrow, but Michael and I opted out of that for now. We would like 'nature to take its course'. We compromised though and said that if we had not gone by next Friday/Saturday, we would go ahead and induce. This is exciting and scary at the same time. To think that at this time next week, I could be a mom. God help us!!

The nursery is almost ready! There are a few odds and ends left and we are not going to order bedding until the baby comes. I couldn't find anything that was truly neutral that I liked, so we will just order it when we know what the baby is; boy or girl. So, take a look at the video tour of the nursery, keeping in mind that we are still getting bedding and wall hanging/decorations. The most recent piece just came in on Tuesday; the glider! It is awesome too! I can't wait to rock the baby to sleep!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day

Michael enjoyed his first official Father's Day on Sunday. The baby got him some cool stuff. Actually, it was stuff for the baby, but things that Michael would enjoy too. Since he is such a huge OU fan, I found an OU recieving blanket and an OU infant pack. The infant pack included a home and away onsie, an OU pacifier, a football hand rattle and an OU cap. Michael was excited that he would be able to indoctrinate the baby to OU football at such a young age. He said, "I can't wait to dress the baby up and sit on the couch with him/her to watch to OU games. I hear this addiction is a genetic one, anyway!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Learning to be a Daddy

On Saturday, Michael and I attended an infant care class in which you learn how to care for your new baby. When we got there, about 5 minutes late thanks to me, there was only one table left. We sat at the table and our gaze fell upon a little African American baby doll that we would "care for" for the next 6 hours. We were an inter-racial family! Dave and Amy would be so proud!!

Anyhow, her name (that's right, the baby's name could be found on the small hospital ID bracelet on her wrist) was Diana Hospital. Michael took the lead in caring for Diana since I have had some experience with infant care thanks to my nephews. Throughout the day, Michael practiced bathing, changing a diaper, and dressing the baby. Check out the videos of Michael's fine work:). Sorry to say that I missed the very best one: when he changed the diaper. It was comical and endearing! I know that within the first few days of "the real thing", he will be a pro!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Pregnant Girl

So...I am excited to have this new blog to keep friends and family updated on our little family. People have been asking for pictures of my HUGE belly so I figured it would be appropriate to post, in sequence, photos of me throughout our pregnancy. Enjoy!!!

Date: January 14, 2007; 14-1/2 weeks pregnant

Date: January 30, 2007; 17 weeks pregnant

Date: February 7, 2007; 18 weeks pregnant

Date: February 14, 2007 (Dressed for a romantic Valentine's Day!!); 19 weeks pregnant

Date: February 28, 2007; 21 weeks pregnant

Date: April 10, 2007; 27 weeks pregnant

Long delay, I know. We had a crazy March as we were packing and moving into our new house!

Date: May 10, 2007; 31 weeks pregnant

Date: May 15 2007; 32 weeks pregnant

Date: June 15, 2007; 36-1/2 weeks pregnant

As of this picture, I am 1-1/2 centimeters dialated!! Wow!

Hope you enjoyed my growth as a pregnant girl!