Sunday, April 13, 2008

Keep Rollin'

I feel like I have started each of my last posts (few and far between) have begun with "It has been a long time." I will spare everyone the obvious statement and just start catching up, as much as possible and as time and my fingers allow.

As I sit typing, I am watching 'John Adams' on HBO. It is a really great show based on the biography, John Adams by David McCullough. Michael (my history geek husband) and I watch it every week and we highly recommend it. There are very few times when the TV in our house is not on HGTV (can I get a 'what, what!!') and this show is one time. We also are faithful watchers of 'Lost' and 'The Office.'

Enough about TV. I really would like to tell you about Spring Break '08. It is quickly drawing to a close. I am lamenting the return to school tomorrow. It has been a very relaxing break.

We kicked break off with family and friends visiting for Yuri's Dedication on Sunday, April 6. We had a party after the service. The weather was amazing and it was so wonderful to spend time with family and friends. We want to thank everyone for coming to support our family on this special day! It was a special occasion! Here are some pics...

Michael was out of town for the first half of the week. Yuri and I had a busy time; attending a funeral for a friend of the family, helping out my sister, and visiting friends.

Saturday, we went to Cooper's birthday party! Very fun, but, Cooper got sick in the middle of it! Yuck!

Although, it seems that everyday, Yuri is doing something new, I put on this video of one of the newest "tricks". Yuri has been crawling and pulling up on things for a while now, but recently, we got a "walker" type toy for Yuri and she has begun walking behind it. It is so cute to watch!

A few last things, Yuri did have her 9 month check-up on Thursday. Here are her stats: 16lbs.-12oz. (20%) and 27-1/4 in. (50%).
Also, around Easter, our friend Pancho took Yuri's pictures. Check out the link to see them. They turned out wonderfully!
I will try to make my blog a little more of a priority. (Thanks to the encouragement of Heather and Kasey!)