Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gianna Massena's 1st Birthday

This past Saturday, Yuri attended her friend Gianna Massena's 1st birthday party! It was great to see the Massena's again, and we can't wait for them to move back down to the St. Louis area again (keep your finger's crossed!). This was Yuri's first time to meet Ben, Olivia, and Gianna, so that was very special. What a cute little girl Gianna is...

Hiking in Missouri

Yuri went on her first hike a couple of weeks ago! Lots of fun riding around on daddy's chest, although if she gets much heavier that could be a bit of a problem. We went hiking in Babler State Park in western St. Louis County along with mommy cousin Will, Uncle Rodney, and the dogs. It was a great time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not to brag, but...

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I got this from Nicole's blog. I hope you can understand my blog, Nicole:) It's a little ironic since I can't even figure out how to space things correctly on my blog.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Until I was a mom...

There are a lot of things I didn't realize that I could do...until I was a mom. I've learned to....

make up about 12 verses to my very own "Scrub-a-dub-dub" song to make Yuri happy while taking a bath.

feed Yuri while...

-typing with one hand

-grading papers and completing lesson plans

-clipping her little fingernails

-attending a work meeting

walk two dogs and a baby with few problems

make up ridiculous nick names

decipher my baby's cry from that of the other kids in the daycare.

I can now...

pump and eat lunch at the same time, all in less than 20 minutes.

carry a car seat (with Yuri in it) and 4 bags(breast pump, lap-top bag, diaper bag, and purse) in one trip.

take off my seatbelt, find a binkie wedged in between Yuri and her carseat, put it in her mouth, and put my seatbelt back on before the stop light turns green.

pick boogers from another human being, and not be at all grossed out (I actually find it satisfying).

I find myself...

talking in a high-pitched voice and saying "lu-you, lu-you" to people that are not my baby, and sometimes just to myself.

humming "Baby Einstein" music randomly.

looking in my rear-view mirror to see Yuri's reflection in her car seat mirror-even when she is not in the car with me.

skipping the women's clothing section and making a bee-line to the baby-girl clothes.

checking in on Yuri multiple times once she has gone down for the night, just to make sure she hasn't gotten too close to the bumper on her crib.

turning up the monitor every once in a while just to hear the little breaths.

obsessed with the amount of poops Yuri has each day.

excited about the Bumbo (thanks Summer and Briley) and the Jump-a-roo.

obsessed with kissing her little cheeks.

amazed that I have been so blessed by this little Gift from God!!