Thursday, September 27, 2007

Been a while...

I realize that it has been a long time since I have posted. I really don't have much time right now b/c we are going to spend the weekend in McPherson, Kansas to visit Michael's family. Yuri is going to meet her great grandma and grandpa Newell. We'll be sure to post pics. Tonight we are leaving to travel part of the way. We are going to stay at the Laughlin's in Columbia. Traveling to McPherson is the perfect excuse to make a stop to visit them and I am excited to see them since it has been a while.
I just wanted to give a quick Yuri-update. She is growing so fast and each day I am so blessed by her. She is a talker! She loves to babble to anyone that will listen. Here is a video of her talking. Sorry that it is sideways, I can't figure out how to rotate it.

Also, here are some pics of Yuri's room. We just got the bedding (thanks, Mom!!). It is beautiful! I also finished her letters. They turned out great, thanks to the great advice from Nicole and Heather! I wish you could see them better but this will have to do. Slowly, her room is getting done. That is good b/c she is sleeping in her crib now and has been for a week and a half. We kinda miss her in our room!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Weekend of Firsts...

I know, with a new baby, everything is 'a first'. But, growing up in St. Louis, I can truly say that we encountered a true milestone: that is Yuri's first Cardinal's baseball game. We got tickets from our good friends, Matt and Evie, for last Friday night's game. The tickets were fabulous: a party box. Yuri was an absolute hit. She was on her best behavior and wasn't even phased as 50,000 fans screamed when Rick Ankiel hit a grand slam. Although it hasn't been confirmed, we're pretty sure that Rick dedicated that grand slam to his youngest fan, who was eagerly watching from her daddy's lap. Yuri fits right in here in the Lou.
Saturday morning, we woke up and got ready for another first: a vacation. We spent Labor Day weekend with the Crowders, the Schrimpfs, and the Wohlgemuths at the Lake of the Ozarks. The Schrimpfs came to pick us up and we rode together. Yuri was the only one who didn't get car sick on the way down. We stayed in a roomy condo at the Lodge of Four Seasons. The guys played a round of golf everyday while the girls shopped at the outlet mall. I got some great new clothes and so did Yuri. She, by the way, was a peach. She was complimented often on her calm demeanor. We are very blessed! BTW, she slept through the night for the first time on Saturday night! Anyhow, we had a very relaxing time, playing games, hanging at the pool, and eating great food.
Finally, today, we had Yuri's 2 month check-up. She had to get 4 shots (yuk). Yuri is 10lbs14oz. (50th percentile) and 23 in. long (75th percentile). Dr. Whiteside said she is a very healthy little girl.