Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My little sooner

Guest Blogger here again. Guest Bloggette claims that she "doesn't have enough time" with school starting up and all. What the heck? Does she think that she's teaching America's youth or something? Doesn't she know that our school systems are the best in the world? She can slack off a bit and we'd all still be OK. Wait, I just remembered that commercial with the flags that aired during the Olympics. I guess our education system is 32nd in the world (it failed to mention we swept the fencing events at the Olympics). Keep on working hard Guest Bloggette!

All joking aside, our thoughts and prayers go out to a fellow blogging family. Ryan, Nicole, Hudson, and Porter our prayers are with you during this time.

Guest Blogger had a great time this weekend with the Blogger Bachelors and is horse from yelling "Go Ducks" with this hands in a "O" for 24 straight hours. Always good to see a Big 10 team lose and even better to see a friend's team win. Can't say the same about Michigan this weekend.

The Guest Blogger is trying to pass some Boomer Sooner genes on to the lil' Blogger, Yuri. We all know that Grandpa Malone (and Great-Grandpa in heaven) are smiling when they see these pics. Most were taken during the Oklahoma-Cincy game which was close until about 13:00 minutes left in the 1st quarter. Guest Blogger and lil' blogger watched every minute.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Guest Blogger II

Yes, this is my second entry as the "Guest Blogger" on the Malone Family Blog. I invite all other husbands to guest blog occasionally as it allows one to relieve the "inner blogger child" that is in all of us.

Just so you all know what a "man" I am, let me start off by telling you what an awesome fantasy football draft I had on Friday night. What is that? Booing that I hear in the blog-o-sphere? On to more important things.

This weekend, the Malone Family missed Mike Laughlin's suprise birthday party on Sat. night because the Guest Blogger's family was in town. The Guest Blogger did manage to call LD on his birthday (Sunday) despite thinking his birthday was on Saturday. This is the second birthday screw up that the Guest Blogger has had this month with Fab Four birthdays. You are next Donny, the Guest Blogger will call you every day in December.

Anyway, we had a great time with the Guest Blogger's family as we went to Tower Grove Park, biking, hiking, eating and drinking. Good times. Check out the excellent pics taken of the family by the Guest Blogger's wife, Bloggette.