Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Knock, Knock...

Who's there?

This is her Halloween outfit. It says "I love mummy".

Today at daycare, all the kids got dressed up and paraded around school. It was very cute! Here is a group picture.

Gus (6 months) was a monkey so we took advantage of the photo-opp.

We went to community group tonight with Yuri in her costume. She got sleepy!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Party Animal

Tonight Michael, Yuri and I went to our first block party. Not that we have lived many places but this it the first time we have experienced this. They blocked off our street with cones this morning and set up tables. People brought out fire pits and a grill. We all ate and drank together. We got to know some neighbors that we hadn't had a chance to meet and I even found out that we live down the street from another Lutheran South grad! We had a really nice time and made some new friends.
Here is the party animal:
When she wasn't sleeping, she was mezmorised by the fire. As the sun went down, it got cooler which was the perfect opportunity to sport a new winter hat:

Daddy's little bean burrito:

Mom and Dad:
What is it about becoming parents that makes us start to call each other "mom" and "dad" instead of by our names? I remember growing up and hearing my grandma call my grandpa "dad" all the time. Maybe it's just something that I do...

Last night, our school had its annual Fall Festival. The family went and Yuri helped us run our grade level boothes. My grade level did "Target Ball" and Michael's had the "Cake Walk". I propped Yuri in the Bumbo and later in a bouncy seat when she got tired (thank God for the on site Day Care-I didn't have to bring these from home).

Yesterday, Yuri and I went to visit the Leftridges. I work with Julie and she just had Logan about a month ago! It was so great to see her and her new baby girl! She looks fabulous! Logan was so presh, and she made me miss little baby Yuri!

Here are some photos from last weekend at the Pumpkin Patch with Brad, Renee, Jacob, Cole, Cooper and my mom. We went to Eckert's to pick out a pumpkin.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

To Grandma Malone

Marathon (and half) Madness

Wow, been a long time since you've heard from the Malone Family. In order to keep up with all the action, we've employed a new member of the Malone Blog team...Michael. That's right, Daddy Malone is now a contributing member.

Since its one of my first blogs and since I'm so wrapped up in myself...this first blog of mine will be reporting on the Chicago Marathon. Good news, we have lots of great picture of Yuri during the race and daddy did finish before they called the race off (4 hours, 1 minute for those keeping track at home).

Yuri had a real cute shirt cheering her dad on.

On a more impressive note, the next weekend EJ finished in the 2nd Annual SLCS Half Marathon at our school. Since she had a baby less than 4 months ago, it was even more impressive than Michael training for his marathon.

At present, we are done running. We are now fully resting until we become a bit chubby again (Skinny Yuri is not included in this). If you want to give us all a complex, mention how out of shape we are getting the next time you see us and that should get us jumpstarted again.