Monday, May 26, 2008

Biking, Butterflies, BBQs, and Birthday Parties

What an eventful weekend! I am just going to give a quick update since I really should be finishing up my report card comments! I am actually going to type them while I am uploading the photos for this post!
First of all, last Thursday, I called my friend Anna and she was getting ready to go to her and her son's (Luca) swim lesson. I have been meaning to sign Yuri up for the swim classes at the Y but haven't gotten around to it. So... we decided to tag along. It was great! Yuri did wonderful. She was so relaxed and didn't fuss at all. Here are some pics of us at the end of class...

Then on Friday, we met Anna and Luca, Sarah and Nylah, and Christy and Mya at the Butterfly House. We had a nice lunch by the pond in the front and then paraded in to see the butterflies. It was great! The butterflies were everywhere and the kids were mezmorized by them. We quickly took the kids out of their strollers so they could crawl around. I put Yuri down in front of this little pond to take some pictures and after snapping a few, a butterfly landed on her head!! She had a pink barrett in and I guess the butterfly thought it was a flower! I was able to get a few quick pics before it flew away!

Michael loves to bike and for Christmas, he got a bike trailer for Yuri. It very clearly says that children should be 1 year old before using it, so I have not let Michael take her out in it. But... Friday night, Michael asked me to compromise: We go for a ride with Yuri on the Mississippi River Trail. The trail is paved the whole way and the only real traffic on it is bikes. I agreed and we biked about 10 miles. We went 5 miles, stopped and ate (we packed a dinner), and then turned around and came back. Yuri did great and seemed to really lounge in the trailer. The only problem came at the very end when Michael hit a bump and Yuri cried. When we took her out of the trailer, we realized that one of the straps had rubbed on her little leg.

Saturday was busy. In the morning, my mom came over to watch Yuri while Michael and I met some friends to play 9 holes of golf. After that, we picked up Yuri and went to our cousin, Shannon's, for a family BBQ. It was really great to get to see her house (they just moved) and spend some time with family. From there, we went straight out to the Morrison's for Kasey's surprise party! It was great fun. Check out Kasey's Blog for some great pics!

Sunday, after church, Michael's parents came in town for Will's birthday party. The storm passed through just in time and the weather for the party was actually quite nice. Will really seemed to enjoy himself, and was especially excited about his cake!

Today, Michael's family, along with family friends, Paul and Erin, came to our house for breakfast. We ended up taking a walk with the the kids in the wagon. Once again, the weather was beautiful! We spent most of the day outside. Everyone left around 1 or so, and Michael and his brothers went for a bike ride. Yuri and I rested. Then Susie and Aaron came over to enjoy some grilled tilapia! Yum! Thanks to Susie for always being such a great friend! It is so nice to have someone to talk openly with and get great advice!

Well, that is about it! I think it is more than enough! That is why I don't post that much, I go, go, go!! Great, done with a post, done with report cards! Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

She's a Bad Mamma-Jamma

Happy Mother's Day!! I have had a great first "official" Mother's Day. I kinda count last year even though Yuri was still cookin'. I know I haven't really kept my word about posting more regularly, but this is sooner than the last series of posts!
So, I woke up this morning and got some cute cards!
The one in the front with the little girl in pig tails was from Yuri! Then, I went downstairs to find my gift....

A wagon!! Of course it was rainy and cold today so we couldn't test drive it outside. We took it for a spin around the house! We spent the rest of the day with family! Good food, good company; couldn't ask for more!
Here are some random pics of the last month. This first one is of Yuri's new favorite thing to do; climb the stairs!! That's right, she can make it all the way to the 2nd floor by herself! This is actually pretty scary b/c sometimes she starts going up without someone behind her! Time for a gate!

This one was taken at one of Daddy's soccer games! Yuri loves to play outside and her favorite toy is a ball (and her first real word "ball"). I say real word b/c she associates the word and object. She also has a killer arm! She LOVES to throw!

These are a few pics of our trip to Arkansas a few weeks ago. My family takes this trip each year in memory of my late Uncle Tom who passed away from cancer. We did some shopping and played golf. I love to play when I get a chance. It is a great way to spend time with family, too. We played a scramble (I won't explain it but it was fun).
This chair is HUGE!

Then, a few days later, we went to Kansas City to visit Uncle Brett and Grandma/pa Malone. Michael had to attend some meetings so Yuri and I spent the majority of the time with G-ma and G-pa! Michael and Brett caught up with us later in the day. We went to see Bodies Revealed (great exhibit) and to the KC Zoo. It was nice weather, too! Thanks for taking some time off work to play with us, Grandma and Grandpa!

This is actually Brett and Yuri, although, it could be Michael and Yuri!