Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Last year, I got so excited reading everyone's blog about Christmas traditions! I was so excited to start some Malone family traditions. So this year, I made sure I was ready for the Christmas season.

Advent countdown: We decided to go with the Christmas socks. Each day, we place a sticker or small treat in the sock for the appropriate day. We turn around the numbered clothespins for the countdown. I was also thinking of adding a bible verse in the sock each day. Perhaps the Christmas story, seperated throughout the 24 socks. Here are some pictures. Yuri is fascinated with the socks!

Of course, there is the search for the Christmas tree!

Next, we are still doing the Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve. I think this one is pretty wide spread. I do enjoy this one, though!

Every year, the whole Jeffery family (my side) has a Christmas party. I have a fairly large family. To put it in perspective: my great-grandma is still alive (104 years old) and she has 22 great-great-grandchildren (and 3 cooking now!) I have 11 cousins (not including husbands and significant others.) We have always been a very close family, and growing up, I have many fond memories of family parties. It is nice to get together with everyone. We no longer can have the party at my grandma's house, and for some years now, we have had the party a bowling alley (classy!) Some of the party traditions include a healthy game of "Rob Your Neighbor," children's craft (yours truly in charge of that this year), countless group pictures (perhaps more demanding than my wedding day), and new this year- an inspirational Christmas story.
Here are some (of the many) pictures!

These are just a few traditions! I don't have much time tonight; papers to grade. What are some of your traditions? Do share...


Jacob, Lisa and Charlie said...

We have been saving all of Charlie's Christmas Eve PJ's and when she turns 16 the plan is to take them and have someone make a quilt out of them for a Christmas Blanket that she will always have. So hang on to them!

Matt and Evie Stark said...

I love your advent countdown idea! I think we'll do that next year. Also, Yuri's hair is adorable in pigtails! So cute!

Ferris Family said...

I've done the Christmas jammies since Coop was a baby. This year posed a new challenge, boy and girl coordinating ones... Thank heavens for the Children's Place!

amy said...

love the cute socks for the advent. great idea.
and Lisa you are brilliant!!! wish i would have thought of that!!!